About Us

About us [ Eleven years of experience in the field of home care services]

Established in 2012, Care and Cure is specialised in providing integrated care services at the comfort of one’s home. Eleven years of experience in the field of home care services has taught us that home is where the heart is. Hence bringing home to the patient, the nursing care that they require is the best possible way to provide an enduring treatment. And we provide just that, and more. 

Everyone has a different care requirement. At the same time, everyone wants the best care that is available. It takes a comprehensive approach, right from the call attendant to the caregiver to give the top notch care that a patient requires. Care and Cure has always kept quality as one of its core ethos. The coveted ISO 9001:2000 certification that Care and Cure proudly earns year on year shows their commitment to providing top quality home health care services.


Care and Cure was born as an afterthought of a very casual conversation between an elderly patient and our founder, Mr. Shiju Stanley. The year was 2010 and Mr. Shiju was working as a nurse, then. From the conversation, Mr. Shiju gathered that, the elderly patient was at the hospital for a wound dressing. For genuine reasons, they had to wait for hours to get this done. Mr. Shiju could not come to terms with this problem that wasn't just faced by one, but by many who frequented the hospital for post-hospitalization care like diagnostic services, feeding tube change etc. 

With a fervour to do more in life rather than just a 9 to 6 job and the intention to solve the problem for good, Shiju sowed the seed of Care and Cure. With little to no experience in entrepreneurship, he started off with the novel idea. The ideation statement was simple and straightforward: hospital-like services in the comfort of a home. Thus, he got going by providing basic medical assistance and services to known patients at their homes. This was back in 2010 when home care services as a concept, although popular in the metros of India and western countries, was unheard of in a city like Trivandrum.

For the initial two years, Care and Cure ran solely on word of mouth publicity. The references received from clients and their positive feedback gave Mr. Shiju the affirmation he yearned for. Soon, Care and Cure grew from one nurse and a preloved car to fifteen care givers in less than three years time. Today, the Care and Cure Team has a full fledged team of sixty professionally certified caregivers, a backend team of fifteen members, eight doctors on pay-roll, who have a proven track record across multiple disciplines and a fleet of sixteen vehicles plying along the roads of Trivandrum city and its outskirts. With the backing of more than 51000 happy customers and a Google Rating of 4.9 from 600+ reviews, Care and Cure is the go to name for home care services.


Care and Cure is on a mission to be the most preferred home care service provider across multiple specialities in South India and the UAE. We strive towards providing compassionate, professional and dignified support that is unmatched, thereby making our clients happy and satisfied.


At Care and Cure, we are steadfast on the vision to innovate, improve and add more home health care services such that there is all the ‘care and cure’ that one needs at the comfort of their home while retaining our number one position, in the field.

How it Works?

When you require any of our services that are listed here on the website, you can dial any of the hotline numbers given or book an appointment here from the website. Our call centre personnel are trained to treat each request/enquiry with urgency on a priority basis. Upon receiving the request, they will understand from you more details of the request and send a team of doctors and nurses as the need and urgency demands. From thereon, the Care and Cure team takes over and ensures the service request is fulfilled with one hundred percent satisfaction.


Care and Cure, for its remarkable performance and dedication to medical care, has been recognized by multiple forums. Some of the latest awards received includes the Business Excellence Award from Success Kerala Business Magazine in 2021 and the Business Excellence Award organised by Kerala Kaumudy in 2022.


As a service provider of home care services, one needs to abide by a lot of regulations and compliances. Care and Cure is proud to say that they are the only home care service provider that is approved and certified by the Trivandrum District Medical Office [DMO]. In addition to the above, they are also the only Registered Medical Institution [RMI] Licensed home care service provider in Trivandrum district in the private sector. With this license, drugs such as morphine that come under Schedule II of Controlled Substances Act can be administered at homes by Care and Cure.