Health Lessons learnt from a pandemic

Health Lessons learnt from a pandemic
2023 09 17

Catastrophes alter the world order. The first and second world wars, the Twin Tower attack in 2001, the tsunamis of 2004 have claimed lives and injured people by thousands. Life is never the same post a catastrophe and it is irreversibly changed. Whether it is for the good or the bad is something, only time can tell.
Among the misfortunes that have happened on a global scale, the worst would have been the Covid - 19 pandemic. Having started in the early months of 2020, it still lingers on in one form or the other to this date across the world. Bringing the world to a standstill, Covid - 19 claimed more lives than any other crisis and the numbers run to millions. The pandemic has changed our lives and pushed us to think differently. Let’s understand better.

A new world order
One of the major changes that we saw in the world was how our work style changed. People started working from home, got their tasks completed through online meetings, started working for companies internationally by sitting at their homes thousands of miles away and not even meeting their team or visiting their office even once. And still the economy moved forward. This was a massive change and many companies continue the practice. 

Another major change that happened was in the field of healthcare.

When hospitals were running full and there was a scarcity of hospital beds, people had to look at alternative options. While there was a flood of videos on YouTube and TikTok explaining how to prevent a Covid attack, there were still people out there who were chronically ill or who wanted a simple wound redressing to be done, but just couldn't find a place in a hospital. For them, home care services were the only available option. It didn't come in as a last resort but was found to be the right way to solve a simple problem that otherwise took hours in a hospital mostly spent in a queue or in the waiting lounge. And we are talking about one of the many services of home care.

Home Care Services
There are a plethora of services that are available under Home Care. While the most obvious and popular one would be geriatric care (care to the elderly), there are services such as doctor on call, palliative care, vaccination services etc. 
Amongst the many home care service providers available in the city of Trivandrum, Care & Cure easily takes up the top spot. The doctor at home service as well as the palliative care provided by Care & Cure is one of the best available. Experienced doctors paired up with skilled and professionally trained nurses or as we call them, caregivers come to your homes, check on you and provide the care that is needed to restore your health. The doctors of Care & Cure are available round the clock and are just a call away. Be it for a minor treatment or to check on your child or on your old parents, Care & Cure is always available as a helping hand. 
The physiotherapy services also come as a saving grace when the mobility of the patient is low and they would rather have their therapy done at the comfort of their own homes. Nursing services are also available for anyone irrespective of their age.
Many, if not all of these services are very relevant from a pandemic perspective. Compared to a hospital, the risk of contracting any other virus is minimal or close to nil. The cost associated is also very minimal when it comes to home care services as overheads such as administration, hospital bed etc is avoided. You as a recipient of home care services do not have to go through the trauma of seeing others in pain and distress either.

Care & Cure
Care & Cure was the first company to introduce home based care services in Trivandrum back in 2012. What started off as an experiment of sorts with a single nursing staff  is now a team that is backed by more than 60 caregivers alongside a team of 15 who run the back end operations. There are 8 in-house doctors and twenty plus doctors who are available on call. Clearly, Care & Cure is set to be the biggest home care service provider not just in Kerala but is looking to expand its operations in the Middle East as well in the near future. 

Care & Cure has a unique set of services which makes it a league above the rest. By being the first to introduce X-Ray services at home in Trivandrum, Care & Cure has increased and diversified its portfolio at the same time. Technicians will come to your home on receiving the request, will take the necessary X Rays, develop them in our in-house labs and send them back to you. Convenience is taken to a whole different level with this service. 

Another service that Care & Cure is specialised in is Rental of Medical Equipment. You can not only rent but also buy medical equipment. A branded hospital bed with retractable options will easily cost north of fifty thousand whereas if you were to rent the same from Care & Cure, you would have to pay only a fraction of the purchase cost. There are several other equipment available on rent with Care & Cure. You can check out the entire range by clicking here

To conclude,
The pandemic, especially the last and prevailing one, Covid - 19 has taught us a thing or two. While the entire world order has been restructured, what has changed for good is the healthcare sector and the general perception around the same. The population at large is no longer worried about getting their medical requirements administered at home and that is for the right reasons too.

Home Care Services is absolutely safe, especially that of Care & Cure in Trivandrum. With more than 51000 customers and counting who have taken up the services of Care & Cure coupled with a 4.9 star rating, we are without a doubt, the best home care service provider in Trivandrum. Pandemic or not, our services are available 24*7, 365 days a year. Call us on the number +91 XXXXX XXXXX and be ready to greet a better, healthier you.