Transforming Home Health: Embracing Innovation with Modern Care Services at Home

Transforming Home Health: Embracing Innovation with Modern Care Services at Home
2023 07 08

Medical care at home has proven to be a crucial and convenient option for patients seeking health care services without having to visit the hospital. A wide range of medical care and support is provided in the comfort and familiarity of one’s own residence. As a part of home care, services such as vaccine administrations, diagnostic tests, check on chronic conditions, can be availed. Highly skilled healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and therapists are dispatched to the patient’s home with the highest priority.  This ensures that the patient receives the right treatment at the right time and in the most comfortable place for them, their home. 

Home medical services offer an alternative to routine check-ups and post-operative care that promotes patient comfort, reduces the risk of infections, and enhances overall well-being. Patients can also access visual consultations, allowing healthcare professionals to remotely assess symptoms, provide guidance, and monitor progress through the advancement of telemedicine technology. This evolution in healthcare delivery empowers individuals to receive comprehensive and personalised medical attention while ensuring the convenience and safety of their own homes. The rise of healthcare facilities at home in India has been instrumental in providing various benefits, including:

Personalised Care: Patients can receive steady attention and care in familiar surroundings, which can contribute to better mental and emotional well-being.

Reduced Hospital Readmissions: are prevented by home health care services that provide adequate medical care and monitoring at home, thus promoting faster recovery and reducing healthcare costs.

Regular Monitoring: Home health care enables continuous monitoring of patients' health conditions. This allows for early detection of complications and helps with timely interventions if required. 

Advance Home Care Services at Care and Cure

A remarkable advancement in the realm of medical treatment has been achieved by development in technologies for home care services. There are various options available for medical care at home, across Kerala. Care and Cure takes pride to be one of the first home care service providers in Trivandrum. Facilities that are available today, include Ozone therapy, vacuum therapy, and X-ray services that can be conveniently administered within the confines of one's home. 

Ozone Therapy uses ozone gas, which is known for its potential healing properties. It is used to treat conditions such as chronic pain, infections, and skin disorders. Ozone generators are specifically designed for home use and have made it possible for individuals to undergo ozone therapy without visiting a medical facility. 

Vacuum Therapy has emerged as an effective method for accelerating wound healing. Controlled negative pressure is applied to wounds, which helps in promoting blood flow, reducing swelling, and facilitating tissue regeneration. Various portable vacuum therapy devices available on the market enable patients to receive the benefits of this treatment at home. 

Moreover, with portable X-ray machines, the accessibility of X-ray services at home has revolutionised the diagnostic landscape. This proves to be particularly beneficial for individuals with limited mobility or chronic conditions that require regular monitoring.

Other Services of Care and Cure

Care and Cure provides palliative care at home in Trivandrum. We provide a wide range of home health care services for patients who seek the comfort of home and the expertise of medical professionals at the same time. Here is the list of home care services we offer: 

Doctors on Call: We provide doctors for home visits in Trivandrum. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for patients who are unable to visit the clinic or hospital. Our doctors provide primary care services, check-ups, and consultations at your home. Online consultations are available with our panel of the best doctors in Trivandrum and other medical professionals

Nursing Care: A team of registered and highly qualified caregivers have been recruited to provide nursing services to patients, with utmost care and empathy. They are specialised in giving palliative care to senior citizens who deserve full time attention to their needs and requirements.

Medical Equipment Rental: In case of an emergency, you can rent medical equipment in Trivandrum from Care and Cure. Equipment like hospital beds, oxygen concentrators, wheelchairs, and other devices that may be required for home care are available. Care and Cure's services often include delivery, setup, and maintenance of the equipment.

Physiotherapy: Muscle spasms, incorrect postures, and painful joints all have the same answer, a physiotherapy clinic. Care and Cure is known to have the best physiotherapists in Trivandrum who are available on call, providing the aid and support that the client requires to restore their health. 

Diagnostic Services: No one ever thought that X-Rays could be done at home in Kerala until we identified the scope of providing X-ray services at home. Without having to move a patient with a fracture from one location to another, our trained technicians conduct these X-Rays with extreme precision within the patient's comfort zone. 

Dental Care: Mobile or home call dental care is provided in the comfort of a patient's home rather than a traditional dental office setting. Our professionals provide medical examinations, dental cleansing, fillings and restorations, and other processes that take care of a patient's oral hygiene. 

Corporate Medical Services: A workplace is more like a ‘second home’ where we spend most of our time. Care and Cure provides checkups, diagnoses, and prescriptions for employees or staff of any organisation or establishment with the help of our highly skilled medical professionals. 

The Rise of ‘At-Home Treatment’ in India 

India has seen significant growth in providing health care facilities at home over the past few years. This rise can be attributed to several factors: 

Increasing Demand: Factors such as the ageing population, rise in chronic diseases, and need for personalised care have led to a high demand of home-based health care services. 

Advancements in Medical Technology: The availability of advanced medical equipment and technology has made it feasible to deliver certain medical services at home, which has proven to be very efficient in cases of medical emergencies. 

Comfort: The concept of home health care allows patients to receive medical attention in the comfort of their homes, which eliminates all the hassle of travelling to a hospital, looking for a doctor’s or medical professional’s availability. 

Postoperative Care: Many surgical procedures that do not require extended hospital stays can be followed up with home-based care, including wound care, medication management, and rehabilitation.

In conclusion, home care facilities offer a comprehensive and personalised approach to caregiving, promoting comfort and well-being for individuals in need. These facilities prioritise the highest standards of care, providing a range of services tailored to meet diverse needs. 

With the aid of cutting-edge technologies, Care and Cure has enabled remote monitoring, enabling healthcare providers to closely monitor patients' health status and take necessary actions when required. Therefore, when you or your loved one requires medical assistance, there's no need to delay seeking first aid or a diagnosis. Simply reach out to us, as we are just a phone call away, bringing healthcare to your doorstep.